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Kurv Hook – extra sharp


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Kurv Hook – extra sharp!

Our Kurv Hook, due to its shape this hook turns particularly fast and grips excellently in the fish mouth. The Kurv Hook is provided with a Teflon coating. The hand-sharpened hooks are provided with extra protection at the tip!

A hook for every application – whether in domestic quarry lakes, in rivers or on large bodies of water abroad.

Quantity per package: 10
Size: optional size 2, 4 or 6

Attention: The hooks are currently (as of November 2020) delivered without protective cap. We have agreed with the company Hook Performance to pack the hooks without protective cap for the sake of the environment, because in 99% of cases the caps are thrown away.

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Kurv Hook size 2 – extra sharp, Kurv Hook size 4 – extra sharp, Kurv Hook size 6 – extra sharp