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Kryston Incognito Fluorocarbon


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It is only natural that we offer the best fluorocarbon money can buy.

New, very abrasion resistant leader material made of premium fluorocarbon. Due to its high quality, not only exceptionally good bait presentations are guaranteed, it is also unviersell applicable and almost invisible.

It immediately sinks like a stone after breaking the water surface. Once sunk, it is not visible to fish and does not panic even cord-shy carp. Incognito has an ultra-strong knot strength considering its small diameter and it is not inferior to monofilament lines in terms of abrasion resistance, quite the opposite!

Incognito’s stiff feel makes it perfect for all mono presentations: whether standard, stiff or chodrigs . Despite all stiffness, it is easy to knot and tie and can be used for all common hook models. In addition, it can be used universally: either as a leader for save zones in waters with many obstacles, as a stiff part of a combi rig or as a stiff rig for long casts.

This product has been extensively tested in different waters for over two years. The ideal leader material for carp, barbel and many other species.

20m per spool

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