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Kryston Jackal


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Hard shell – soft core!

With Jackal, we’ve raised the bar a bit again. For those of you looking for a truly excellent leader material that offers a wide range of presentation possibilities, Jackal is the right choice!

The quality material has provided breakthrough catches not only in the UK but also in mainland Europe. This thin, soft rig material is strong enough to withstand any conceivable challenge on the water. A unique coating (multicoating) and hardening process also makes it particularly fish-friendly. Its smooth, rugged cover not only minimizes the risk of tangling, but also makes it resistant to weeds, branches, rocks, roots and other “line hazards” found in many waters today.

Its very small diameter allows hookbaits to be presented in the most natural way possible, whether continuous or with a striped coating. If you remove the sheathing, you feel the soft inside, the core of the Jackal. Like the coating, it is perfectly camouflaged and makes any rig presentation almost invisible on a suitable substrate, while reliably withstanding any fishing move.

Super strong, super smooth, perfectly camouflaged

20m spool, optionally in 20lb or 30lb

Available in Weed Green, Gravel Brown and Dark Silt

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20lbs, 30lbs


Weed Green, Gravel Brown, Dark Silt