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Kryston Magma


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Magma Armout Coat

Carp fishing is different everywhere and often presents us with extreme challenges. When we fish new, distant and near waters, the different conditions can quickly overwhelm our end tackle: rocks, boulders, sharp-edged shells, sandpaper-like underwater plants, they all claim their victims. Such conditions require a higher commitment: The new Magma Armour Coated Super Braid!

Specially designed for use in extremely obstructed waters. Ultra-resistant components combined with the strongest fibers form this extraordinary braid, which is encased in a true armor. Magma has been rigorously and very successfully tested on volcanic lakes in Italy, where sharp-edged rocks and boulders litter the floors. We can assure you that Magma will not let them down even in difficult situations. Where normal braids are no longer sufficient and the highest quality in terms of durability is required, Magma delivers what it promises.

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Armor coated braid
  • Specially designed for extreme conditions
  • Perfect for waters with many obstacles such as Rainbow Lake
  • Ultra strong, extremely durable
  • Sinking
  • Diverse application possibilities
  • Available in “Gravel Brown” and “Silt” colors in 45lbs.

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Gravel Brown 45lbs, Dark Silt 45lbs