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Kryston Quicksilver


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For 15 years Quicksilver has been appreciated by carp anglers in Europe. No wonder, after all, the versatile leader and leader material is responsible for a multitude of capital catches on and beyond the European continent. Fish that might not have been landed without the use of Quicksilver. The reason: it is made of the most abrasion-resistant fibers that exist on this planet!

To further increase the resilience, we have woven in additional proven fibers. So when fish drag the line over sharp or rough surfaces in a drill or during a bite, Quicksilver reliably holds up due to its uniquely compact and durable composition. Shockleader are not only exclusively suitable for fishing at long distances. Some of the most successful carp anglers fishing on very obstacle-rich waters in Europe also like to use Quicksilver as rig material at short distances.

Highest load capacity combined with absolute abrasion resistance! This legendary product protects you from losing fish in waters with gravel bars, mussels, flints, water lilies and herb fields, and rocky bottoms.

For carp and catfish anglers who pursue their target fish on very obstructive lakes, canals or rivers. Quicksilver’s relatively small diameter makes for narrow, discreet knots between the main and flapping lines. Wide dignity are hereby therefore possible without problems.

Tested and appreciated by the world’s best carp anglers!

Quicksilver is available on 25m spools in the thicknesses:
25lb, 35lb & 45lb

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25lbs, 35lbs, 45lbs