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Kryston Super Mantis


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Anti Tangle Ultra Braid

Since its launch, the phenomenal success of this braid can hardly be topped. Thanks to Super Mantis, countless records have been set and broken again. So it’s hardly surprising that this material has become an integral part of the final tackle for thousands of ambitious carp anglers.

Super Manits is a hybrid among leader materials, offering both braid and nylon users the best of both worlds. The extremely small diameter allows very fine presentations, which are particularly well suited for cautious fish. Due to the extremely resistant coating, the Super Mantis has an incredible abrasion resistance despite its very thin diameter and thus protects against unwanted fish losses.

Simply remove a small portion of the coating to expose the braided core to create highly effective combo rigs.

For stiffrigs, just leave the sheath in place and remove it only on the hair if needed.

For all carp anglers who want to be one step ahead of others!

Super Mantis is available in 20m spools


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Weed Green, Dark Silt, Gravel Brown


15lbs, 25lbs, 35lbs