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Kryston Super Nova


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Super supple camouflage mesh – slow sinking

Long proven thousands of times, Super Nova holds the unchallenged status of one of the best braided leaders on the market. It offers countless possibilities of rig variations for still and flowing waters.

The recipe for success is the unique composition. Unlike many other mixed fiber braids, the visual pattern alone reveals that this is a very special material. Exceptionally soft and probably one of the smoothest leaders around, it adds maximum flexibility to any presentation. In other words, it is absolutely natural!

The perfect combination of design, braiding and weight gives Super Nova absolute freedom of movement in the water. It does not hinder the carp in any way to take the bait and the hook can reliably grip in the carp mouth. Unlike comparatively cheaply produced leader materials that tend to prevent the hook(bait) from behaving naturally, Super Nova allows the hookbait to behave like an exposed boilie. A real weapon!

A small diameter combined with a very soft consistency makes it especially interesting for extremely suspicious, negatively conditioned carp. After absorbing water, the mesh darkens until it takes on the color of underwater plants.

Its exceptionally light and dark green contrasts can not be associated by carp as a foreign body. The perfect camouflage ! Thus super suitable for situations where you fish in or near cabbage fields! The high knot strength is only surpassed by the superior abrasion resistance. Super Nova is suitable for all types of waters and can be fished tied through or as a soft part of a combi-link. Especially on muddy, gravelly or herbaceous ground an insider tip! Detailed instructions for different knots are included with each bobbin.

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Dark Silt, Weed Green, Gravel Brown