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Kryston Synx


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Stiff coated leader material

Consisting of the latest high-tech fibers and polymers, this new leader material delivers all the properties expected as a carp angler. Judging by the very thin diameter, the load-bearing capacity of Synx is overwhelming. To protect the inner braid, we integrated it into a polymer shell using a multilayer process (similar to laminate). The coating consists of no less than 30 different layers! The result is a very fish-friendly yet exceptionally robust product that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of reliability – especially in waters with many obstacles.

Synx was designed to sink completely. Various rig variations such as combi-rigs or stiffrig variations are possible without much effort. Whether over mud, sand, clay or gravel, this material will not disappoint you. During extensive testing, the diameter was minimized to such an extent that even the most cautious fish would not suspect anything. Clunky rigs? Not with Synx! Meanwhile, the very robust coating provides protection against all conceivable “cord killers”.

The degree of hardness and elongation undoubtedly play an important role in all modern rig materials. Especially when it comes to Chodrigs! That’s why we designed Synx to retain its “choddy” shape even after catching a carp! Straight from the spool with coating or partially without coating, Synx lets you tie almost every imaginable rig variation with it. Unis, chods, combos, hinged stiffs, KDs, stiffrigs and many more. Hereby you cover a very large spectrum with only one material. There are practically no limits to what you can do here.

After two years of development, Synx has revolutionized the rig world and is breaking its way into the tackle box of ambitious carp anglers. Demand was already extremely high during the production phase. If you want to be sure to grab another spool, contact your tackle dealer.

  • Extremely small diameter
  • Very high load capacity
  • Extremely robust coating
  • Guaranteed high knot strength
  • Super abrasion resistant
  • Perfect for all types of water
  • Natural sinking behavior
  • Chod-, hinge-, unis-, combi-rigs and many more variations possible
  • Perfect coloring and camouflage
  • Absolutely fish friendly
  • Available in 20lb/30lb in Dark Silt & Gravel Brown

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Dark Silt, Gravel Brown


20lbs, 30lbs