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The Baitmaster Boilie

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The basis of The Baitmaster Boilie is a forty percent content of high quality LT fish meal, which provides the fish with a strong base of animal protein. Pure fish protein from Norway as well as yeast cultures are responsible for excellent solubility in addition to digestibility.

Discreetly used seeds together with fermented cereal meals and fermented liquid ingredients promote digestibility and accelerate the intestinal passage of carp.

The combination of Haith’s Robin Red and genuine beef liver extract, which is 100% water soluble, has been responsible for catching many big carp – and we’re pretty sure it will continue to do so for many years to come! In addition, genuine Indian cold-pressed Black Pepper essential oil provides a fiery spiciness.

For a stable hardness, which feed actions with the throwing tube benefits, provide pure Eggalbumin and finest acid casein, which make the boilie under water even slightly harder.

The special touch and immediate acceptance by carp is given to “The Baitmaster” by a highly complex mixture of free amino acids and enzymes, which in this form and according to the manufacturer have been used exclusively in aquaculture until now.

Finally, butyric acid must of course not be missing – by the way, we use this big fish magnet in all our P.R. Baits boilies.

Our boilies are preserved food safe (shelf life up to 1 year) as well as steamed in our in-house steam cabinet. Only in this way highly attractive flavors and water-soluble flours are not washed out of the boilie, but remain in the boilie and thus not least the fish. All our boilies are unrolled with an extra portion of Eggalbumin to be able to guarantee a stable and on the hook durable boilie.

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