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Pierre friend


briefly and concisely about your person

– from the Lower Rhine
– 1988 Born
– Fishing since:  I can think
– Carp angler since:  2005 
What are your favorite waters?

– I feel most comfortable at my local quarry ponds

What products should never be missing from your fishing?

– I am a big fan of pop up fishing! For this reason, of course, all variants of pop ups from the assortment can never be missing. In addition, I have the great fortune to be able to do my work from the water – so I usually always have my camo-style „Tourer Box“ with me, which provides me with sufficient power. Whether laptop or e-motor, this thing never lets me down!

Domestic or abroad?
– Domestic. Here in our corner they would say „home shitter“! I am therefore very happy to travel in Germany. However, I have also been able to get to know other places in Europe. I also followed the hype around Lake Bled and can confirm that this place is simply magical 
If you had to choose one rig – which would it be?
– It would probably be the spinner rig, although I like fishing the D-rig at least as much.
What exactly makes carp fishing so special for you?
– Carp fishing for me is what everyone makes of it! There are so many variations of the way to fish without doing the wrong thing or the right thing….
Social media

My name is Pierre Freund, I am already married and proud daddy of two little girls. Actually, I’m originally from the heart of the Ruhr area (Duisburg), but now I live a bit off the beaten track in the Lower Rhine…

My area of responsibility in the company is mainly in the media area (marketing, content production, video production, etc.). Every day I try to organize and manage the day-to-day business away from production.

I came to fishing sometime between 1988 and 1993. At that time still quite classically with my dad at the trout pond. But at some point the hobby became something more than just chasing trout and I started to get interested in feeder fishing. At that time my club organized regular tournaments in which I participated with my friends. In no time at all, however, the carp also came into play. At first I was just a spectator, but the first carp fished quickly convinces me. I had caught this one with a pink wild berry pop up at the time.

Via some stations as well as my self-employment with the brand „Gatsofficial“ in the carp scene, where I also designed some web and print media, I then landed at P.R. Baits.

When Philipp asked me at the end of 2021 whether I could imagine to hang up my learned profession and job as a „landscape gardener“ and enter completely professionally in the carp business, I honestly did not have to think long!

Now I’m sitting here and I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity, but also to have dared to take the step of turning the most beautiful hobby into a profession! So I can only encourage everyone – whether it’s life situation or fishing, listen to your gut!

Thanks for taking the time to read about my person!

Pierre friend