Dometic Cool-Ice CL 42


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Ideal for fishing and hunting trips

Extensive range of accessories and user-friendliness are the focus of the new Dometic Cool-Ice ice boxes. The new ice box accessory series improves comfort while traveling, secures the ice box in a wide variety of locations, allows better storage of your food and drinks, and even offers devices to accommodate your drinks or fishing rod! A comfortable seat cushion is available for the new Dometic ice boxes, which you can use when fishing or boating, for example, and can be easily attached and removed. Use baskets and dividers to organize the contents of the box. For example, you can put your fishing lures and your food in separate areas. We have developed a wide variety of accessories that can be stored in the carrying handle of the new Dometic ice boxes. Lightweight and easy to install, the bracket holds up to two cup holders, fishing rod holders or bottle openers. Put together your desired accessories!

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  • Ideal for fishing and hunting trips
  • Highly effective insulation, extremely low heat absorption
  • Highly effective labyrinth seal
  • Seamless construction made of UV-resistant plastic, easy to clean
  • Integrated lashing points
  • Optimized volume to weight ratio

Ice frozen for days

Dometic Cool-Ice coolers like the Dometic Cool-Ice CI 42 are ideal in all cases where no power supply is available. This keeps your ice frozen for days – even up to ten days depending on the model and conditions. The thick foam insulation and labyrinth seal design ensure that the ice stays frozen longer. Due to the rotationally molded design, there are no seams through which heat could penetrate or cold could escape! Cool-Ice ice boxes are extremely durable, long-lasting and easy to clean. Their robustness makes them ideal for use in continuous exposure to the elements, especially on boats. The CI 42 cooler has ergonomic handles made of sturdy polyethylene, which can also be used to secure the cooler.


SKU number 9600019219
Model CI 42
Model on nameplate Coolice 43L Rotomold Icebox
Product description Insulated box, 43 l, green


Dimensions product depth 418 mm
Dimensions product height 355 mm
Dimensions product width 640 mm
Net weight 8.7 kg
Capacity (EN62552) 44.50 l
Useful capacity – total capacity (EN62552) 43.00 l


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