Dometic Cool-Ice WCL 22


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Ideal for fishing and hunting trips – Dometic WCL 22 in Olive

High outdoor temperatures, uneven terrain, dust and mud? The „unbreakable“ Dometic ice boxes can easily cope with this. Cool Ice coolers feature extremely effective insulation and use cool packs or ice cubes to keep food, fish, bait fish and game fresh. Depending on use and weather conditions, the contents of the box will even stay cool for several days! In addition, these coolers have a 5-year warranty! After all, every detail of the boxes, which are seamlessly molded from high-impact plastic, is designed for the toughest applications. With strong and thick foam insulation and a unique labyrinth seal, the reliable design of this cooler allows the air inside to stay cold longer. This will make your ice cubes last much longer despite extreme outside temperatures.

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  • Ideal for fishing and hunting trips
  • Thanks to the thick insulation and unique sealing, the ice lasts longer
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Lightweight and with sturdy shoulder strap for comfortable carrying
  • Sturdy, seamless, food-grade polyethylene design.
  • Integrated polyethylene feet
  • Durable, integrated hinges with stainless steel rods, strong nylon latches and stainless steel mounting screws

Ice frozen for days

Dometic Cool-Ice coolers like the Dometic Cool-Ice WCI 22 are ideal in all cases where you need to do without a power source. This keeps your ice frozen for days – even up to ten days depending on the model and conditions. These sturdy ice boxes are ideal for use in continuous exposure to the elements, especially on boats. The thick foam insulation and labyrinth seal design help keep the ice frozen longer. Due to the rotationally molded design, there are no seams through which heat could penetrate or cold could escape! Cool-Ice ice boxes are also extremely durable, long-lasting and easy to clean. This smaller ice box model features a convenient carrying strap for effortless transport.


SKU number 9600019218
Model WCI 22
Product description Insulated box, 22 l, green


Dimensions product depth 386 mm
Dimensions product height 313.94 mm
Dimensions product width 362.46 mm
Net weight 4.2 kg
Capacity (EN62552) 22.00 l
Useful capacity – total capacity (EN62552) 22.00 l


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