Greenlight Sinking Line


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The superlative sinking braided line for carp fishing on the 600m spool!


Greenlight Sinking Line – made in Germany
superlative sinking braided line for carp fishing!

Our Greenlight Sinking Line(8-plait) in 0.25 mm with a carrying capacity of 11.33 kg is ideal for fishing at long distances due to the low stretch.

A special Teflon coating ensures a long service life and extreme abrasion resistance. The dark, olive-colored line blends in perfectly with the bottom of the water and thus guarantees an inconspicuous presentation under water.

Due to incorporated Kevlar fibers, our Greenlight Sinking Line sinks extremely well and very quickly to the bottom of the water! Another positive effect of these fibers is the excellent abrasion resistance – especially when there are also obstacles under water.

There are 600 m of Greenlight Sinking Line on the spool. After 300m comes a marker – so you always know exactly how much line you have just spooled onto your fishing reel!

Tip: Spool an additional 20-25 m of our X-Shockleader in 0.60 mm or 0.70 mm onto your fishing reel. This provides good abrasion resistance as well as the necessary stretch of the drill at close range.

Color: Olive
Content: 600 m

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