Red Bloodworm Boilie

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Boilie with red sugar midge larvae and beef liver extract , Natural food in boilie , steamed boilie.


Red Bloodworm Boilies – the ideal boilie for muddy waters!

Due to the composition of the processed components and extracts that make this mix unique, the boilie is very soluble in water and also very digestible for the carp.

Besides a good portion of LT fish meal as well as the original Robin Red (EU)from the house Haith’s we also process a good portion of red mosquito larvae(Chironomidae) in pure form as well as our Bloodworm Extract Liquid  -, likewise the large fish ingredient Beef liver extract harmonizes excellently with red sugar midge larvae!

What actually makes red twitchfly larvae so interesting for carp? Nitrogen compounds, which are produced when the larvae are excreted, have an incredibly attractive effect on carp and therefore trigger a real feeding frenzy.

This mixture is rounded off with N-Butyric Acid – which contains exactly this nitrogen compound, as in the excretion of red twitch fly larvae!

Try our Red Bloodworm Boilie in muddy waters, because there are a lot of them on the bottom – one of the main red bloodworm larvae on the bottom – one of the main food sources for carp!

Our boilies are preserved food safe (shelf life up to 1 year) as well as steamed in our in-house steam cabinet. Only in this way highly attractive flavors and water-soluble flours are not washed out of the boilie, but remain in the boilie and thus not least the fish. All our boilies are unrolled with an extra portion of Eggalbumin to be able to guarantee a stable and on the hook durable boilie.

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