SHR Bobbin – P.R. Edition


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In cooperation with Poseidon Angelsport we offer exclusively this stylish and sophisticated Bobbin ala „climbing monkey style“ with our P.R. Baits Signet.

Since 2019 at „The Baitmaster“ Philipp Resch is this Bobbin of the company Poseidon Angelsport in use! Whether at home or abroad, this optical bite indicator is the best you can buy!

SHR Bobbin

With the Smart Hook Release Bobbin, a completely newly developed, patented closure system enters the market. With this system, the line is simply inserted by opening and closing the movable hook. Adjusting the release hardness is therefore completely unnecessary, no matter what line or line strength is fished. The metal hook of the bobbin has a very low frictional resistance, this provides a sensitive bite indication and prevents the bobbin from being pulled into the bite indicator. When picking up the rod, the chain of the SHR Bobbin tightens and the hook opens automatically. With other systems, the bobbin flicks off the line due to the pull and then slams into the bite indicators. This problem no longer exists with the SHR shutter. The bobbin simply falls down after opening the hook. Another gimmick is the color-matched additional weights, which allows you to create a custom design.


  • Body weight bobbin 11g
  • SHR Weight small 9g (incl.)
  • SHR Weight Heavy 22g (sold separately)
  • Chain length 15cm
  • for Betalights 3,5 x 25mm
  • has very good gliding properties for all types of lines
  • opens automatically when picking up the rod
  • available in black with P.R. Baits Signet

Scope of delivery:

  • Bobbin
  • SHR Weight Small 9g
  • Chain

optionally available:
SHR Weight Heavy 22g (in 7 different colors).

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SHR Bobbin

Black – P.R. Edition