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P.R. Baits -
the boiler manufacturer from Franconia!

Carp angler with passion -
Carpfishing is our passion!

The company P.R. Baits, based in the “Upper Franconian” Burgebrach, is known since 2017 with the slogan “Carpfishing is our Passion” throughout Europe for high quality bait and also own tackle.

The team around Philipp Resch has made it their business to constantly refine and test new and high quality products until they can finally be sold to carp anglers from near and far.

Below you will find interesting information about P.R. Baits team anglers.

Philosophy of the company P.R. Baits about boilies and boilie production

From carp anglers for carp anglers!

Always striving for the best to be just good enough, I have been rolling my own boilie mixes for many years. Only by selecting the highest quality ingredients and components, can feeds be created that remain highly attractive to fish on the one hand and easily digestible on the other. Because this is the only way to ensure that the fish eat the bait longer and visit the feeding place permanently.

Over the years I have managed to perfect some of my catchiest mixes to have the optimal boilie ready for any situation on the water.

Due to the increasing demand in both areas, I decided to found the company “P.R. Baits” in 2017.

By the lucky circumstance to be able to call some well-known and very successful carp anglers my friends, we can fall back together on the necessary experience in carp fishing to be able to use and develop each component perfectly. 

Each of my team anglers has his own way and style of fishing. This is also very important to also meet the different situations and requirements. A lively exchange and a constant further development of our product range is very important to us!

I am glad to welcome you on our website and wish you much success and fun with our products.

Sincerely yours,
Philipp Resch

Seen it yet? In this video Philipp Resch goes into the history of the company and explains to you how his mixes at that time, which you can find in our online store today, were created.