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Adrian Mannhardt

Team Angler

briefly and concisely about your person

– from the beautiful Baden-Württemberg, more precisely from Illingen near Karlsruhe
– born 1992
– The “fascination fishing” began very early in childhood years
What are your favorite waters?

– Old quarry ponds and large reservoirs

What products should never be missing from your fishing?

– GLM -Boilie in combination with the appropriate liquid + pellets

– Tasty Tuna in combination with the matching liquid + Belachan extract pellets.

Domestic or abroad?
– In the meantime, I am mainly drawn to neighboring France. But also the “quarry ponds” inland are occasionally still gladly approached!
If you had to choose one rig – which would it be?
– Anti-Blow-Out Rig – simply put, prevents the fish from blowing the rig out again.
What exactly makes carp fishing so special for you?
– The pursuit of tranquility from everyday life with the harmony of nature
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The attraction for carp fishing grabbed me relatively early, the spirit of each tour is a new experience with new destinations, the quest for peace from everyday life with the harmony of nature, is every time something new special. I would describe my fishing in recent years like this: In the meantime, I am almost only drawn to neighboring France, to old quarry ponds or large reservoirs where I could also fulfill my dream with a fish over 30 kg some time ago.

The first impression of the products of P.R. Baits I could get through my friend Philip Jakob, already there I was very positively surprised by the products. After some time Philipp Resch approached me and asked me if I could imagine being a part of his team.

No sooner said than done, I visited Phil in his company in Burgebrach and got from him again a detailed impression behind the scenes of his production. I was immediately impressed by the products and the high quality of what stands behind the company P.R Baits&Rods.

I look forward to working with the team!

Love Adrian