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Catchable with GLM (Green Lipped Mussel)

GLM (Green Lipped Mussel) is one of the most famous attractors for big carp. How to make the feed even more attractive and catchy on the basis of GLM – Green Lipped Mussel, we will show you on the next pictures! Here we show you how to use our GLM Extract Liquid as well as our GLM Extract Powder even more successfully.

First, we dust some of the GLM Extract Powder over the boilies….

… then the whole is shaken well, so that all boilies are equally wetted.

As a penultimate step, a small sip of the GLM Extract Liquid is poured over the feed.

last but not least, shake the whole thing once again vigorously and let it soak in a little!

Tip: Wet the boilies with it a few hours before fishing – it forms a nice crust around the boilie, which gradually dissolves in the water. Even after about 5-6 hours, the whole thing is well dried, so that the pimped boilies can be easily transported with the throwing tube to the feeding place!

Have fun trying it out and good luck!

Philipp Resch & P.R. Baits & Rods Team