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Marcel Bassanello

Team Angler

briefly and concisely about your person

– from the Ruhr area
– 1987 Born
– Angler since 1990
What are your favorite waters?

– Large quarry ponds

What products should never be missing from your fishing?

– GLM dough

Domestic or abroad?
– National
If you had to choose one rig – which would it be?
– Single tied No Knot Rig with soft leader material
What exactly makes carp fishing so special for you?
– What excites me most about fishing are the different situations that always have to be mastered.
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My name is Marcel Bassanello, I was born in 1987 and I come from the Ruhr area.
Already at the age of twelve I fished Dutch ditches and small quarry ponds, which were directly accessible from our campsite.
I quickly discovered feeder fishing for myself and fished from now on for carp and co.
In 2013 I got into modern carp fishing through my best friend and became obsessed with it.
I fish mainly large quarry lakes in my region, up to the neighboring countries Holland and Belgium.

The approach and variety of this fishing have a very special charm for me.
I firmly believe that I myself can contribute a lot in my fishing, success or failure.
My drive in carp fishing is to understand behaviors of carp and put a lot of time into the location.
I am not a typical forage angler, but like to make decisions based on feel.

My favorite food combination consists of several components that play a big role in my instant fishing right now.
Stick mixes, crimped boilies and the use of natural food in combination with large baits have given me
hooked many large target fish.

If I had to choose a rig, I think I would go back to the roots.
To this day I prefer to fish a very simple tied no knot rig consisting of a wide gape hook and soft leader material.

With the company PR Baits I have found a company that I trust one hundred percent.
An ambitious company with great potential where I appreciate the joint work very much.

Marcel Bassanello