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Martin Geiger


briefly and concisely about your person

– from Leinach in Lower Franconia
– 1983 Born
– Angler since the age of 10
What are your favorite waters?

– The water must flow… 🙂

What products should never be missing from your fishing?

– Two-Light Hookbaits and High-Light Hookbaits are always present

Domestic or abroad?
– National
If you had to choose one rig – which would it be?
– Combi Rig
What exactly makes carp fishing so special for you?
– Special? I do not know the answer to this, because I do not know a life without fishing 🙂
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Hello all,

my name is Martin Geiger and since 2020 I am responsible at the company P.R. Baits for the production of the baits, all other products and what else is on the daily business.

I have known the boss for many years and we have worked together even back when we were still shooting our boilies in private. Of course, we have also experienced the one or other fishing trip together – whether at home or abroad.

I started my fishing career as a child on the local river (and to this day the river doesn’t let me go).

I have copied a lot from the “old” and caught in my early days with worm many large eels, perch and sometime even the first carp. Relatively quickly I realized that I was very fond of the carp. At that time there were still quite few specialized carp anglers and the “www.” did not exist (I think at least). The first information about modern carp fishing I got at that time still from trade magazines. And also in the fishing store “around the corner” there was always one or the other tip how to fish with boilies on carp. The beginnings were difficult and the first success was (unfortunately) a long time coming!

But the first fish I will never forget in my life – this was a bullet round, thick 13,5kg Spiegler from the oxbow lake, which I caught on bought fish boilies. For me, at the time, it was the biggest fish I’ve ever seen live. Since then, this fish does not let me go and the main time in my life revolves only around this hobby.

I am very happy that I can work with Philipp and the team on products that offer you the best possible basis for our common hobby.

Always remember, the water gives and the water takes away!

Petri Heil and always the fat ones,