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Philipp Resch


briefly and concisely about your person

– from Upper Franconia – more precisely from Burgebrach
– 1993 Born
– Carp angler since 2004
What are your favorite waters?

– River (Main in Franconia and Rhone in southern France)

What products should never be missing from your fishing?

– Two-Light Hookbaits and High-Light Hookbaits

Domestic or abroad?
– Both !
If you had to choose one rig – which would it be?
– Combi Rig – fish nothing else for years! If you don’t know the rig yet, you can find it here
What exactly makes carp fishing so special for you?
– Enjoying the tranquility of nature, simply switching off from the daily work routine – and catching a big fish on the side! What could be better 🙂
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My name is Philipp Resch and I am the owner of the company P.R. Baits.

Since I was ten years old, I fished smaller village ponds in my area. At some point I was asked by a good acquaintance if I would like to go to the river for carp. He showed me many pictures from past years and I was very impressed that such big carp existed at all – especially since I knew carp only in smaller sizes from the ponds.

Then the time had come – I was already after four hours of fishing with my acquaintance on the banks of the big river and drilled my first capital carp. Already some minutes later I was allowed to hold a 16.5kg mirror carp in the hands. Since then, I have been infected by the virus….

… and he has not let up until today! On the contrary, it has become even stronger…! Over the years I gained a lot of experience at home and abroad, the equipment became more and more professional and last but not least – the catches of big carp did not let up.

A good 13 years later, I decided to take the step of starting my own company, which is why, among other things, since the beginning of 2017, the company P.R. Baits is registered as a feed manufacturer with the Government of Upper Bavaria.

If you want to know more about my company and my passion carp fishing, you can find a detailed interview on 12ft Magazine.

Mein Job: Boilies machen!

Flussangeln – Pure Freiheit. Große Fische

I hope you now enjoy our website and have a good time on the water!

Philipp Resch
P.R. Baits