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Fluolight-Line – made in Germany
braided line for carp fishing!

Our Fluolight-Line (8-plait) in 0.20 mm with a carrying capacity of 18.9 kg is ideal for fishing at long distances due to the low stretch. The special Teflon coating ensures a long service life and extreme abrasion resistance. The bright orange line helps the angler to see the line better at night (e.g. when drilling or laying out the mounts with the boat).

The neutral floating behavior of the Fluolight-Line does not let the line sink or float – this is for example beneficial for distance fishing with many obstacles in the water!

There are 600m of Fluolight line on this spool. After 300m comes a marker – so you always know exactly how much line you have just spooled onto your fishing reel!

Tip: Spool an additional 20-25 m of our X-Shockleader in 0.60 mm or 0.70 mm onto your fishing reel. This provides good abrasion resistance as well as the necessary stretch of the drill at close range.

Color: Orange
Content: 600 m

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Weight 0,25 kg