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Arctic Krills – Large Box


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Content: 425g tin with resealable lid


Arctic Krills – fresh shrimps from a can

Krill (lat. Euphausia Superba) is a species of crustacean that lives in the oceans of the Antarctic. Boilies that contain a certain amount of krill meal magically attracts the fish to the feeding ground and makes them fall into a real feeding frenzy!

Now we can offer you this kind of food directly from the can! The “Arctic Krills” are ideal to spice up boilie mixes, stick mixes or particles.

Krill’s are also suitable as an external treatment for boilies in conjunction with our liquids and T-Powder. Together with the other additives, these form an irresistible crust that slowly dissolves in the water and rises to all water layers.

Tip: Offer the Arctic Krills also times as hook bait on the hair! To do this, simply fill a small net with the shrimp and offer it for example with our Fluolight Pop Ups – believe us, no carp will leave this bait!


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