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Belachan block

3,90 14,00 

Includes 7% red. MwSt.

Content: 250g (1 block)


That Belachan belongs to one of the best ingredients on carp is no longer a secret. Belachan (fermented shrimp) has a fairly high salt content, which incredibly enhances the flavor and so has a high content of amino acids and important proteins that are essential for the fish.

With the Belachan block one covers a high number of application possibilities, e.g. something grated Belachan with the help of a cheese grater in Stickmixen, Boiliemixen, particles etc..

Tip for winter and spring fishing: rub some belachan in a container and pour minimal hot water to it. The Belachan block now dissolves very slowly and a paste can be formed from it. Knead this paste around the lead or around the hook bait – you will be amazed at the high attractiveness of the bait!

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