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Bloodworm Extract Pellets


Includes 7% red. MwSt.
  ( 7,45  / 1 kg )
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Content: 2kg in resealable bag


Our extract pellets contain high quality and highly water soluble extracts that quickly attract large carp to the feeding area. The dissolution time of these pellets is between 10-20 hours, depending on the water temperature, due to their hardness and density.

Bloodworm Extract Pellets contain LT fish meal, milk and yeast proteins, and a 4% Fish Protein 90% Powder content, among other ingredients. Other ingredients in our highly attractive pellets include original Robin Red from Haith’s and fresh sugar midge larvae, which are rich in amino acids. The addition of betaine makes these pellets a real fish magnet!

After only a few minutes in the water, the Extract Pellets release a light film of oil that rises through all layers of water, attracting fish to the feeding area.

Tip: Mix the extract pellets with our particles and readymade boilies and enhance them with the corresponding extract liquid. Let the whole thing steep for about three to four hours – your highly attractive food mixture is ready!

Size: 7mm

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Weight 2 kg