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Fermentation accelerator


Includes 19% Mehrwertsteuer
  ( 14,90  / 1 L )
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The fermentation accelerator is a liquid cereal product enriched with lactic acid bacteria. It is also rich in enzymes and essential amino acids which are very quickly perceived by the carp. Due to the production process, this liquid is highly acidic and can begin to work, among other things, when temperatures fluctuate.

Ideal for wetting boilies, pellets or even groundbait!

Tip: Wet your particles (at cooled temperatures) with the fermentation accelerator. The added lactic acid bacteria ferment the particles and trigger a real feeding frenzy under water!

Shake well before use!
Fermentation accelerator is not “PVA-Friendly

Content: 1000ml

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Weight 1,5 kg