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Fruit Liquid


Includes 19% Mehrwertsteuer
  ( 31,80  / 1 L )
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Content: 500ml


The Fruit Liquid fits perfectly with our fruity boilies, but it is also suitable for other fruity and creamy boilies. It contains various milk proteins as well as an extra portion of betaine and our NHDC+ Sweetner. Thus, the attraction effect is increased many times over. The Fruit Liquid is viscous and adheres well to the boilies, which is why it creates a very seductive cloud under water.

The Fruit Liquid is ideally suited to refine stick mixes, particles, boilie mixes and boilies.

Also suitable for PVA – pva friendly!

Warning: tempts to drink yourself 🙂

Tip: Wet your boilies with our Fruit Liquid and let it soak into the boilies for a few hours. The liquid washes out gradually from the boilies and gives a very attractive cloud under water.

Recommended dosage: 20-50ml per kg

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