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Fruity Zing Boilie

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Fruity Zing Boilie – the fruity bait with a great attraction for fast attacks on big carp!

This bait is based on an excellent basic mix of well-balanced carbohydrates, milk proteins and nut meals – a mixture which is
very well digestible
and furthermore equally growth promoting is!

The used milk proteins provide on the one hand for a
fast washout effect
on the other hand these make the Boilie under water stable as soon as this comes into contact with water! Perfectly suited therefore for waters with a high occurrence of white fish or even catfish!

The unique Fruity Zing Aroma, which is made from different Fruit acids and Fruit oils consists, make this bait literally a real fruit bomb! If the bait comes into contact with moisture, it unfolds the aroma in its fullest! Additionally we process a mix of Powder Sweetner + and NHDC + which make the boilie taste pleasantly sweet and additionally enhance the taste of this unique bait!

The striking yellow and food-safe color make the boilie an excellent instant bait – so ideal for quick use on the water!

Our boilies are preserved food safe (shelf life up to 1 year) as well as steamed in our in-house steam cabinet. Only in this way highly attractive flavors and water-soluble flours are not washed out of the boilie, but remain in the boilie and thus not least the fish. All our boilies are unrolled with an extra portion of Eggalbumin to be able to guarantee a stable and on the hook durable boilie.


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