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Fruity Zing – Range Groundbait


Includes 7% red. MwSt.
  ( 6,77  / 1 kg )
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Content: 2kg


Fruity Zing – Range Groundbait
– the diverse mixture for every use!

The Fruity Zing – Range Groundbait is versatile – whether as Groundbait, Stickmix, to wet boilies or simply stir with the particle mix!

It consists of the same ingredients and extracts as the boilie mix, with the extra portion of milk proteins for an even better and faster attracting effect.

In addition, the Groundbait contains a mixture of different sized Pellets which dissolve slowly under water.

The addition of a special insect mixture (including crushed silkworms and freshwater shrimp) and coarse seeds creates the classic up & down effect underwater, where all the microparticles in this mixture rise through all layers of water, attracting fish to the feeding area more quickly.

Tip: Stir the Groundbait with a little water and the appropriate liquid. After that, the ready-mixed feed is formed into hand-sized bales. Allow them to dry briefly – this will cause them to tighten slightly and become firm. Now you can also transport the bales to the spot with the feed bucket! Under water, this bale gradually disintegrates and activates the spot!


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Weight 2,2 kg