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Garlic Oil


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Content: 30ml


Essential Garlic Oil

This food grade garlic essential oil is obtained from the first pressing of garlic cloves.

Garlic Oil is one of the most powerful and intense essential oils on the market.

The garlic oil has an extreme sharpness, which makes smaller carp and especially whitefish leave the bait turned with it! Especially in the warm months with water temperatures above 17 degrees, this oil unfolds its full effect under water and passes through all water layers.

Tip: If you have problems with whitefish or also gobies and catfish in your waters, wet your hookbaits in an extra can with our Garlic Oil! You will find that you will have virtually no bycatch on it! Moreover, process this oil outdoors! At the latest when you have opened the bottle, you will know why 🙂

Dosage: 1-2ml per kg mix

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