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GLM Boilie

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Includes 7% red. MwSt.
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GLM (Green Lipped Mussel) extract is one of the best known and best Big Fish Attractors for carp. So what could be more natural to process this first-class ingredient in the boilie?

The basis of our GLM Boilies is the well-tried Feed-Grade Fish Mix , which already consists of 40% of high-quality LT Fish Meal and a balanced mixture of milk proteins and yeast products.

In addition, the GLM Boilie contains another highly water soluble ingredient in the form of the Fish Protein 90% Powder

– the highest quality fish protein on the market with a whopping protein content of 90% (!).

The perfect carp bait is rounded off by the addition of GLM Extract Liquid and N-Butyric Acid which thus develops a slightly salty and strong mussel flavor in the boilie.

Our boilies are preserved food safe (shelf life up to 1 year) as well as steamed in our in-house steam cabinet. Only in this way highly attractive flavors and water-soluble flours are not washed out of the boilie, but remain in the boilie and thus not least the fish. All our boilies are unrolled with an extra portion of Eggalbumin to be able to guarantee a stable and on the hook durable boilie.

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