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Particle Mix – Chili Hemp


Includes 19% Mehrwertsteuer
  ( 4,97  / 1 kg )
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These particles are soaked in water for at least one day and then boiled in the decoction. The particles are then mixed with our NHDC + Liquid – a sweetener that has tremendous sweetening power (1800x sweeter than sugar), a unique chili blend and original Robin Red from Haith’s, and gently vacuumed.

The sweetener adds considerable value to the particles, as our NHDC is water-soluble due to a special production process, thus attracting fish to the feeding area.

Particles are ideal for supplementing with Readymade Boilies to build up a feeding place – whether instant or over a longer period! Especially small seeds make the fish more and more greedy and search the feeding place empty to the last grain.

In this vacuum-packed bag, the particles have a shelf life of up to 9 months – if the bag is opened, you should use up the particles within a week (depending on temperatures).

Tip: Use these particles in combination with our T-Powder 2.0 and one of our liquid extracts – this will increase the value of the particles many times over and attract the fish to your feeding area more quickly.

Content: 3L

Variety: Chili Hemp

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Weight 3 kg