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Qool – Temperature Element for Box L

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5 different temperature ranges (-21 °C to +22 °C)


keeps the temperature in the box constant for up to 10 days


Made in Germany


Our QOOL Temperature Elements consist of a particularly robust plastic shell, which is filled with so-called Phase Change Materials (PCM) and then sealed.

The dimensions of the QOOL Temperature Elements are precisely matched to their use in the QOOL Box. Specially developed PCM formulations make QOOL Temperature Elements suitable for different temperature ranges. All ingredients are safe and suitable for use with food.

Standard Cool (-2°C to +2°C):

Suitable for particularly sensitive chilled goods, such as fresh fish or meat
Pre-cooling temperature: below -18°C in the freezer
Pre-cooling time: at least 48 hours

Product & Material Info

  • Material properties :food safe, waterproof
  • Weight:10.8 kg
  • Outer dimensions L x W x H:355 x 355 x 20 mm
  • Item no.: AKB00364

Test details:

Desired temperature:2°C

Outside temperature:25°C

tested with: Empty Boxes + 6 Temperature Elements


Contents: either 1x Qool Temperature Elements for Box L or 6x Qool Temperature Elements for Box L

Additional information

Weight N/A

1 Temperature element for box M, 6 Temperature Elements for Box M