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T-Powder 2.0


Includes 19% Mehrwertsteuer
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Content: 400g


Now even better and more effective – with more content!

T-Powder 2.0 is ideal for subsequent wetting of boilies and particles. We from the P.R. Baits team use this extract always and everywhere – no matter which season and no matter which bait type. You will be amazed at the great attracting effect T-Powder 2.0 has (Trigga effect)!

Due to the composition of several liver meals and liver proteins from beef and poultry, as well as yeast extracts, the T-Powder 2.0 is extremely water soluble and an ideal ingredient in the boilie mix – which can be confidently dosed up to 10%.

Tip: Wet the boilies with it a few hours before fishing – it forms a nice crust around the boilie, which gradually dissolves in the water and attracts large carp to the feeding place through all layers of water.

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