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Trakker Propel Rods

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Propel rods feature a slim 1k carbon blank with high quality matte finish. All rings are kept black and perfectly complement the black Fuji DPS reel seat.

The heat shrink handle tapers out wider towards the end and finishes with a black end cap. The Propel Rod is available in three different versions. With the 12 ft 3lbs version can easily be thrown over 90 meters and it offers a great pleasure in the drill.

The 12ft and 13ft 3.5lbs test curves will always be the most popular rods due to their ability to catapult a baited rig to a considerable distance with relative ease. The sharp action and quick reset of the blank, provide maximum top speed during the cast. Therefore, they can be used to throw very accurately at medium to long distances.

Those who have mastered a good throwing technique will now be able to unleash their true potential.

  • High-performance carbon technology
  • Aircraft grade, high quality 1K Japanese Toray carbon.
  • Fuji DPS in black, suitable for a wide range of reel types.
  • 50 mm launch ring for optimal distance throws
  • Low friction Zirconia ring inserts
  • Anti trap tip ring for safe throwing
  • Continuous shrink tube handle
  • Fast action, ideal for distance throwing
  • Discreet design elements
  • Anodized black aluminum fittings
  • Anodized black aluminum end cap
  • Black cotton tote bag

Available in the following versions:

10ft – 3lbs
10ft – 3.5lbs

12ft – 3lbs
12ft – 3.5lbs

13ft – 3.5lbs

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10ft, 12ft, 13ft

Test curve

3lbs, 3,5lbs