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P.R. Transporter 150


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The all-rounder for versatile use in carp fishing!
All those who often travel with a small boat – but often wish for a 260 boat or even a bigger one, but a 320 boat is too big – here comes the perfect solution!

Our P.R. Transporter with a length of 150cm is best suited as a dinghy – for example to our 210 boat.

Also as Abhakmatte is the transporter excellent and protects the fish due to the inflatable air floor from injury!

The transporter is made of high quality PVC material in olive green and a thickness of 0.9mm. The glued-on keel allows for safe handling on the water, so as a dinghy it has a clean and smooth ride in wind and waves.

Bonded scuff guards on the underside protect the transporter from sharp and pointed objects in the water and on land. These thus increase the service life of the Transporter 150 many times over! Furthermore, all attachments were double-bonded and sealed, so that a long service life is guaranteed under all weather conditions.

A total of eight D-rings, located on each side, are ideal for attaching to the dinghy or also to secure the transported tackle with the help of an expander when moving.

The transporter e.g. inflated in a VW T5 or T6 pure, so you are very flexible and fast when moving.

Technical data:
External dimensions:
Length: 150cm
Width: 110cm

Interior dimensions:
Length: 100cm
Width: 60cm

maximum load: 110kg

Diameter of the tubes of the P.R. Transporter 150: 25cm

Weight of the transporter 150 with air floor: 12kg
Weight of accessories (bag, air pump, repair kit): 2kg

Scope of delivery:

  • P.R. Transporter 150
  • Air floor
  • Air pump to inflate the boat
  • 1x Folding bag for P.R. Transporter 150
  • Repair kit (consisting of valve wrench, glue & patching material)

Seen it yet?

Carpzilla editor David Rosemeier had the Transporter 150 in 2020 a few times in use. He described his experience in an “In action” report for you. Click here for the report


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Weight 25 kg