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Two-Light Hookbaits – Feed-Grade Fruit


Includes 19% Mehrwertsteuer
  ( 109,00  / 1 kg )


Our Two-Light Hookbaits consist of one half of our proprietary Fluoro Pop Up Mix, which stand out with vibrant and UV light active colors and are turned with the attractors Betaine and N-Butyric Acid, and the other half of the matching Feed-Grade Fruit Boiliemix.

These hookbaits are weight-reduced and balanced hookbaits produced especially for difficult situations on the water.

With the enclosed Pot-Shot extract (liquid amino acid mixture) you can also enhance your Two-Light Hookbaits many times over – the application is very easy!

Available in sizes 20mm (content: 100g), 24mm (content: 100g) and 30mm (content: 15 pieces)

Due to physical properties (small variations in the bulk density of the ingredients – may vary slightly from batch to batch) and their composition, the hookbait may float a little. This “problem” can be solved with the help of a small lead shot or kneaded lead, ensuring perfect bait presentation underwater.


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20mm, 24mm, 30mm