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Ultra Scissors


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Carpleads.com Ultra Scissors


We have given our popular Carpleads.de Ultra Scissors an update. New ergonomic design, more compact size, lasting sharpness and durable construction.

The new overall size of the scissors (5.4 x 11 cm) makes them compact enough to fit in the most common tackle boxes. The ergonomic handle nestles comfortably against the heel of the hand. At the same time, the locking mechanism and the spring were redesigned. The installed parts are now low-wearing and last much longer than in our predecessor model.

The extremely sharp and close-fitting titanium-coated cutting edge ensures that both 1.5 mm thick mono cords and 0.09 mm thin braided cords can be cut with millimeter precision! Due to the coating used, the sharpness of the zigzag edge (when used correctly) is maintained for an extremely long time. The neon green, semi-transparent handle ensures good visibility of the Ultra Scissors even in dark hours!

To guarantee the longevity of the sharpness, we recommend not to cut metal objects such as swivels and rig rings!


  • Ultra sharp titanium cutting edge
  • handy design
  • improved, durable locking mechanism
  • suitable for finest braid and thick monofilament lines
  • compact size for many tackle boxes
  • stable connection of the parts by means of VA screw
  • lasting sharpness