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The Baitmaster

Never before was the naming of a boilie so difficult as this time! There were countless names in the room – but either they were already taken or it just sounded too boring. I am often referred to by customers and good friends as “The Boilie Baron” or “Mixing Master”. At some point the name “Baitmaster” came up and it was clear: This is it – this is what the “prototype”, as we called this boilie during the test phase, will be called from now on! The Baitmaster – the sophisticated bait concept from P.R. Baits!

The construction plan

The idea for this was already born during the 2018/2019 trade fair season. Again and again we asked ourselves in the team if it is not possible to create a bait that would bring the really big carp on the hook and minimize unwanted bycatch via selected ingredients instead of the usual bait size. A bait that is equally suitable for instant as well as for longer pre-fed.

Not only the team around P.R. Baits was involved in the testing phase, but also close friends. One of them was Sebastian Roth – an absolute big-fish hunter and self-roller with over 25 years of experience, who provided advice and support for this project.

Never has a lure caused such results and sensation on the water already in the first test phase. Our top-class team anglers such as Julian Jurkewitz, Patrik Pammer, or Oliver Schmidt, who together have more than 100 years of experience, were able to catch countless fish in the two-year development period at home and abroad on a wide variety of waters in every season! Some of the test anglers were already able to raise their personal best with “The Baitmaster” after a few hours. The balance proved to us during the test phase that especially older and large fish are almost magically attracted to this bait.

Of course, there is no miracle bait that always and everywhere catches only big carp. But we are all pretty sure, if there was such a bait – “The Baitmaster” would come pretty close!

The ingredients

The basis of “The Baitmaster” boilies is a forty percent content of high quality LT fish meal, which provides the fish with a strong base of animal protein. Pure fish protein from Norway as well as yeast cultures are responsible for excellent solubility in addition to digestibility.

Discreetly used seeds together with fermented cereal meals and fermented liquid ingredients promote digestibility and accelerate the intestinal passage of carp.

The combination of Haith’s Robin Red and genuine beef liver extract, which is 100% water soluble, has been responsible for catching many big carp – and we’re pretty sure it will continue to do so for many years to come! In addition, genuine Indian cold-pressed Black Pepper oil provides a fiery spiciness. The best example of this is the “spicy pizza effect”, because small children do not like Tabasco on pizza. The situation is similar for small carp.

For a stable hardness, which feed actions with the throwing tube benefits, provide pure Eggalbumin and finest acid casein, which make the boilie under water even slightly harder.

The various water-soluble substances allow the transport of attractors to the water to irritate the receptors of the fish.

The special touch and immediate acceptance by carp is given to “The Baitmaster” by a highly complex mixture of free amino acids and enzymes, which in this form and according to the manufacturer have been used exclusively in aquaculture until now.

Finally, butyric acid must of course not be missing – by the way, we use this big fish magnet in all our P.R. Baits boilies.

What do the pros say about the Baitmaster range?

Daniel Lippl
"The Baitmaster - a boilie that convinces 100%. Black Pepper Oil shows its strength especially on waters with high crayfish and catfish populations. An indispensable companion for everyone."
Philip Jacob
"After months of fishing with The Baitmaster, it's not just the color and smell that makes the difference for me, but rather the unique composition! A boilie with many valuable trace elements, fatty acids and amino acids make it a real fish magnet!"
Julian Jurkewitz
"Fish boilies have always been my favorites. They are always gladly eaten by carp. The Baitmaster tops everything with its composition and is a guarantee for big carp."
Adrian Mannhardt
"It's a lure that is different from other products in a wide variety of forms in many categories. The Baitmaster - a bait that convinces me all along the line!"
Sebi Roth
Rarely has a lure convinced me so much already on paper. A look at the individual ingredients quickly reveals that the best of the best has really been used here. This is clearly reflected in the success on the water. The Baitmaster is an EVERGREEN, summer or winter, instant or feeding ground, the carp love it!
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The production

The complete product range around “The Baitmaster” is manufactured in the in-house production!

On modern machinery we produce our boilies in 16 mm, 20 mm and 24 mm as standard – on request we can also twist off the sizes 14 mm and 30 mm.

Our Boilies – and also Hookbaits as well as Pop Ups are steamed gently, because only in this way the high-quality water-soluble ingredients also remain in the Boilie and are not washed out – a noticeable difference!

P.R. Baits Boilies are preserved food safe and are thus durable up to one year, without any aftertaste.

The Baitmaster range

In addition to the boilies, as usual, there will be other products that complete the range of the new “The Baitmaster”. These include matching High-Light Hookbaits in 20 mm, 24 mm and 30 mm – extra hard and lighter than conventional groundbaits! When crayfish, whitefish and especially gobies once again become a plague, these hookbaits are guaranteed safe on the hook!

Followed by Two-Light Hookbaits – half boilie and half fluoro pop up in one will also be available in 20mm, 24mm and 30mm.

Especially in spring and autumn, when water temperatures are low, the right boilie dough should not be missing in any bait bag! The range is rounded off by “The Baitmaster – Liquid”, the full attractiveness and selectivity from the bottle!

Seen it yet? "The Baitmaster" in picture and sound

Already in the summer of 2020 appeared on our P.R. Baits Youtube channel a video of how a new boilie variety is created in our house.

In exactly this video it is about the genesis of “The Baitmaster” Boilies and we show up close in the production, how we turn off this boilie and what ulterior motive we pursue with this new variety!