Cold Water – a try in Winter

Cold Water - a try in Winter

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heute möchten wir Euch einen Bericht von Donato Corrente, einem bekannten italienischen Karpfenangler vorstellen. Er betreibt unter anderem das bekannte italienische

Unsere Produkte rund um P.R. Baits erfreuen sich nun immer mehr in Italien großer Beliebtheit…

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Wir wünschen Euch noch einen erfolgreichen Winter!

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Cold Water – a try in Winter 

from Donato Corrente

Let’s start by remembering that carp metabolism is closely related to water temperature. That said, their temperature will then come down and enter a state of torpor.

Also their search for food and consequent digestion will slow down, thus increasing the hours after which the fish will come back to feed.

By debunking an old theory, the carp will not hibernate but will continue to feed less frequently.



Fishing in the river Po I can say that there is also a feeding window that opens and closes approximately from dawn to 11.00 or during the night. During these few hours I managed to bring even up to three catches of fish naturally in the coldest period already making one means having brought home a great result, especially since it talks about the baby carps of the Great River and whose size hardly goes under 10kg.


In addition, running waters offer us a few more chances of catching because the carp to fight the current are forced to move and therefore will have a higher energy expenditure that will necessarily have to fill up by feeding properly.

Since as we said earlier the carp will move less so let’s forget that it hibernates, will try to limit its movements and to visit possibly convenient spots to be reached and where it is possible not to waste too much energy (moderate water speed, big submerged obstacles where our friends find food and shelter, they are all hot spots).

However, it may also happen that they cease to feed themselves for a few days but usually this attitude is related to the permanence of certain atmospheric conditions that, when they evolve, release their state of temporary food apathy.


Theoretically it must also be said that in this cold period we will try to present our rigs at greater depths because the temperature remains more constant and maybe we have a few degrees more than the superficial layers. Sometimes it might be useful to look for spots where we have a water jump just one meter from the shore.

In natural lakes or in quarries instead, we should also keep in mind the exposure of some spots to different weather conditions, because even if there is little water, the spot in question has been subjected to slightly warmer winds that have reactivated that particular sector .

We will try to diversify the presence of our baits at different depths based on these observations and let’s never forget to include at least one snowman presentation among our rigs.

I recommend extensive use of energy mixes and preferably composed of technical pastilles that offer a medium protein content and a lot of energy derived from carbohydrates at the same time with a limited presence of fat and therefore the great digestibility.

If we are not familiar with self-made or otherwise we do not have the time to dedicate ourselves, I could recommend some products that I was lucky enough to try during this period.


The company that supplied them to me is the German P.R. Baits & Rods by Philipp Resch.

Their range of ready-mades consists of six different versions, each of which has been calibrated for different types of water that the carpenter will face.

In my long experience of self-made and common user of ready made by many companies, certainly I will not say that we are in the presence of the miraculous bait but I can certainly say that the raw materials used combined with a higher production process, have produced a really superb boil and I invite you to try.

Among the six different versions at the moment I chose to use only two types in diameter 20 and 24 mm: the Smoked Spice and the Tasty  Tuna


Let’s start talking about the Smoked Spice, because I am a big supporter of spicy boilers especially in river and especially when the water drops below 15 degrees Celsius.

This bait has a personally tasted sweet-spicy flavor with a really persistent grilled meat note. This result was certainly achieved thanks to the introduction in the mix of high quality meat meal in combination with an attractor employed in fish farms.

Furthermore, in the liquid part a spicy oil was added in combination with the liquid lecithin. NHDC and butyric acid complete this really performing mix in running waters and especially in Winter. Naturally these are just some of the ingredients present in the mixes for the realization of the Ready-Made line.

The entire line of ready-made PR Baits & Rods has a certified shelf life of one year, they are cooked exclusively with steam to not alter absolutely all the organoleptic properties of the raw materials used and rolled with fresh eggs with a small percentage of albumin ofegg in order to make the bait suitable to transmit attractive-nutritive signals with the liquid element in any condition, in a constant manner and for more than twenty-four hours. I highly recommend this product a real must in the river in the cold season.

We pass to Tuna (tuna), of course, the production process is the same, as soon as you open the package you will understand what kind of product you have in your hands, precious flours mixed with a special extract tuna create a really fishy combination with great attractive power.

Complete as always a dose of butyric acid which as we know directly acts on the chemoreceptors of the fish attracting it to our rig.These baits are available in sealed packs starting from 1kg up to 25kg diameters from 16 to 24mm but soon will also be available larger diameters.

These are just some of the PR company’s products Baits & Rods so I invite you to visit the web shop at to view all their products. You can enhance the power of attractiveness of ready made adding a bit of boilies in a bucket and after having dusted them with a liver and yeast extract, they will be wetted with the relative liquid liver available in the PR Baits catalog.



This liquid food is truly exceptional and reminds me of the periods in which I made the videos on and on the Youtube channel on self-made, in particular the one relating to the liver bought at the supermarket and made liquid thanks to an immersion blender and l addition of liquid cane sugar plus a percentage of mixed spices, this to make you understand the quality of the ready product of the PR Baits house.

Of course, as you may have guessed from the company name, you can also commission the creation of the rod of your dreams choosing with him the best carbon, the most suitable rings, the reel seat plate, in short all the aspects you want.For the choice of the terminals successfully use a blowback rig composed of a braided sheathing of 0.45 lb crystal at the which removes the first 2 cm close to the hook to allow greater rotation, a sturdy hook with a thick thread is very good the Nash Fang Twister in the measure proportional to the boile that I will go to employ.


The second terminal is a more recent and evolved multi-rig always made with a braided sheathed, easy to make, just create a loop inside which to insert a steel ring and insert the loop inside the eyelet of the hook . You can also use this rig for snow man presentations, this terminal I connect it to one the leader in monofluorocarbon of 0.60mm with excellent quality of friction of the length of about one meter made by creating two loops with swivel closed with steel sleeves using crimping tool.

Complete a safety clip with lead strictly to lose.Concluding affirming with certainty that the carp are fed for twelve months a year and that only our experience derived from the constant annual frequency on the banks combined with the use of superlative baits from the point of attractive-nutritive view, can take us to make some catch even when the weather conditions seem really prohibitive.

So now i wish you a great autumn and Big Fish!

Donato Corrente