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It’s Expo Time

It´s Expo-Time

Dear Blog Readers,

today we want to present you a small series of pictures from the last three fairs we were present at… First, we were on 01.12.2018 – 02.12.2018 in Wallau at the Carp & Cat Expo Rhein Main, on 08.12.2018 in Passau at the Wallermesse and on 12.01.2019 in Hannover at the Carp & Cat Expo! We were very pleased to meet a large part of our customers in person and, as is typical for trade fairs, we had many great and interesting conversations with you!

We are still represented with our complete range in 2019 at the following fairs & expo’s:

But now we let the pictures speak – have fun!


Carp & Cat Expo in Wallau – 01.12.2018 – 02.12.2018

The trade fair stand was almost set up after a few hours – now only small things were missing…

Among other things, our Readymade Boilies were still missing – we have all sizes (16mm – 20mm – 24mm) for you there

There were also some 8kg buckets of Feed-Grade Fish Boilies at the booth for the price of the fair – those who did not make it to the fair can also order them in the online store.

Our boilie mixes and additives we also have for you at our booth. Here are some top attractors, such as GLM or liver meal. Just the thing for the cold season – whether spring or winter…

Our liquids and liquid extracts were also included. Likewise, we have our Flavour with us – for all those who make their own boilies.

Phil Jakob was ready – now all that was left was to tie rigs for the test pool

No carp could leave this “feeding place” on the left – if there were any swimming around in it ;)…

The visitors were curious and looked around us

But it smells good – our Fruity Zing Boilie was very well received by customers!

We had many P.R. Brotzeitboxen with us – ideal for Stickmixe and for wetting smaller quantities Boilies

Our highlight: Liver Liquid and T-Powder After a good hour, the layer was well dried, so that these can be fed without problems with the throwing tube! Even now in winter, it is better to feed a little less – but high-quality boilies, which are packed with water-soluble extracts and attractors! Try it – so you can make sluggish carp lively 🙂

In the evening the test tank was very turbid – all boilies, pop ups, hookbaits and groundbait, which we presented in the tank – worked perfectly! 

Sunday afternoon we were almost sold out with our Feed Grade Fish Boilies…!

Many thanks to all who visited us! We are looking forward to Wallau 2019!


Only one week later, the Wallermesse took place in Passau on 08.12.2018. Also here we were represented with our team

On Friday morning we set up the trade fair stand as usual

Now only small things were missing, then the stand was ready for you

Every now and then we allowed ourselves a short break – Stefan first treated himself to a P.R. Expo Lager (specially made by our brewmaster Stumpfi for the trade fairs!)

Our endtackle wall as well as our info posters about the respective readymade boilies were set up

The two organizers Roland and Sigi – of the meanwhile 12th Wallermesse in Passau came also on a short visit with us past

The guys had a good laugh – the stand was finally built – closing time :)! 

After a refreshment on Friday evening we visited Simon Ruckerbauer at the waterfront – he joined us at the booth on Saturday

White Nut Boilies he loves to fish…! After all, he has been able to catch many great fish with it at home and abroad!

But this time it just wasn’t going to work out – nevertheless it was a successful and fun evening!

Saturday morning we did a few little things – but then we were ready to go 🙂

Most of the time our booth was overcrowded and we could hardly keep up – herewith we would like to thank our visitors once again for your patience! Our classics like the Fruit Liquid and Cream Liquid were sold out within a few hours…

Also the test tank was in action – here we presented you our Bait’s as well as our Endtackle. Very popular this time was the Endtackle, with which you could recreate the D-Rig as well as the Ronni Rig perfectly balanced!

The time at the Wallermesse flew by in a flash! We would like to thank all visitors for their visit and look forward to a new one in March 2019!

Carp & Cat Expo in Hannover – 12.01.2019

The basic structure of our stand is in place – now only some details are missing 🙂

Now most of it is in place – now only a few products had to be put on the shelves

Now everything had its place – the stand was ready for the big rush on Saturday!

We had again some fair offers for you!

We also had our small parts with us, which are becoming more and more popular!

After setting up, Olli first treated himself to a P.R. Expo Lager, which we had brewed especially for the trade fairs! At this point again a big thanks to our brewmaster Sebastian Stumpf :)!

Now it was time, the fair visitors were waiting for the entrance and Olli took care of cleanliness once again

Now still prepared from each variety of our Readymade Boilies for the test tank and go!

All variants and baits in the test tank… Among other things, the Ronni Rig – by the way, we have all small parts for this rig in the program!

After the first half hour, the test basin was already well clouded. So you could see well how fast the baits work

We also showed the trade fair visitors many applications of our products, such as here, for example, how to use our T-Powder correctly

The booth was well filled!

At the end of the fair, the shelves were almost empty… Some products such as the Belachan blocks or our boilie dough was almost sold out! More and more anglers appreciate the properties of fresh boilie dough during the cold season!

Unfortunately, Hannover went by way too fast again and we had a lot of interesting conversations with the visitors!

We are already looking forward to the next fair!

With this in mind, we wish you a good start to the 2019 season and see you soon!

Your Team P.R. Baits & Rods

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