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Bait Paste – Salty Peanut


Includes 7% red. MwSt.
  ( 44,50  / 1 kg )
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Bait dough – Salty Peanut

The Bait Knete is the perfect coating for hook baits and / or fishing weights!

Due to the composition, this holds very well to the hook bait. In addition to highly attractive and highly soluble ingredients, the dough immediately releases its attracting effect on contact with water and lures the fish directly to the hook bait!

Salty Peanut contains lots of peanut protein, milk proteins and nut oils. Have you ever fished for carp with salted peanuts? No?! Then the Salty Peanut Bait dough will give you true stellar hours on the water.

Variety: Salty Peanut

Content: 150g


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